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Capital Campaign: Launched 2/2/2021





















SPAA announces a Capital Campaign for a Three-Phase Improvement Plan at Bonin Field! 

The success of this endeavor will rely heavily on help from our local community. Bonin Field is a vibrant gathering spot nestled in the heart of St. Patrick. These improvement plans will ensure the long-term vitality of youth and adult baseball in St. Patrick for the next generation! 


Whether you have a deep connection to the community of St. Patrick, have played or know someone who has played St. Patrick Baseball, or perhaps you simply want to see a community project succeed, we kindly ask for you, your family, or place of business to consider a donation towards our projects. 

GoFundMe (more info & online donations):



Backstop Renovation: Completed Fall 2018/Spring 2019

What:  Backstop renovation included the tear out of the existing 30-year old backstop and replacement with a concrete kneewall, black netting, and steel poles. It is an "in-line hybrid" design.

How:  SPAA received a $10,000 Grant from the MN Twins Community Fund, and other financing comes from past SPAA ATV Raffle Fundraisers. Other companies providing discounted or free materials can be found below. 

When:  Construction started in August 2018 and final steps took place in April 2019.

Plans: See below (or click HERE for a PDF)

Progress:  See pictures of the project's progress HERE

Project Engineers: Voigt & Associates; Beacon Athletics 

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